18 02 2007

Today we have another batch of photos of painted examples of figures that I plan to release through my company Hydra Miniatures. These photos show a huge version of a Kithix hunter for my prehistoric-fantasy game tentatively titled “Primal Instinct.” The Kithix are a race of bipedal warrior bugs that use weapons fashioned from wood, chitin, and bone. The Kithix hunters are the largest, most fearsome bugs of the tribe and their limbs end in deadly bladelike tips, similar to a mantis or an assassin bug.

The miniature stands 45mm high from the feet to the top of the carapace. This lead-free pewter miniature has a cast-on, integral base and consists of 6 pieces. Ball joints allow the pose to be altered slightly during assembly.

Behold the Kithix hunter:






3 responses

19 02 2007
Bob Dalton

This is an awesome figure! I also love your logo… it looks great in this photo of the Kithix Hunter. Your Herbavore Spearmen looks very cool too. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your “Primal Instinct” figures!

26 02 2007
John Manoogian III (jm3)

This is sort of a dumb thing for me to point out, but I love the detail on the bases of your painted figures. It’s one of those details that makes your guys stand out in a subtly professional way; it says, “Not only will these guys eat your lungs for lunch, but they will do it with panache on well-manicured turf.”

12 03 2007
Robbert From Denmark

WOW! this is just what ive been looking for, allmost cant wait till they become availabe… when will that be exactly?? and will there be other variants of these “hunters”…. and will there be a queen/egglayer..;o)

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