Destroy all Humans!!!

24 02 2007

I’m not just interested in prehisoric fantasy warfare. My other range of figures is called “Retro Raygun.” This range of pulp sci-fi miniatures are based on the books, comics, movies and toys of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. I intend to release the miniatures in sets or episodes. The first wave or “episode” will be entitled “Ace McGuire and the Legions of the Robot Queen.”

The robot pictured below is still a work in progress. It still needs more refining—panel lines, metal trim, and rivets. It is sculpted from a mixture of brown and green kneadatite–these are the best putties for making hard-edged sculpts. The sculpt stands 70mm tall and is inspired by the robots in “Sky Captain” and one of my son Adam’s favorite movies “The Iron Giant.” I’ve only sculpted one arm since it is universal and will be “cloned” in the master mold. I’d love to see the finshed casting painted in a brushed steel non-metallic metal (NMM) technique.  I’m thinking about a variant kit that may include a jet pack, arms with fists, and various heads.

robot-1.jpg robot-head.jpg



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25 02 2007

I’m excited to see the Robot Queen model. Should be fun trying to make something that lives up to the name! (and to its status as the title villain)

26 02 2007
Chris Vaughn

Great stuff! I just saw Scott Francek’s post on the HLSS (Hot Lead, Steel Sinews) Yahoo group for the game “.45 Adventures” in which he links to your blog. I’m really excited about your figures. Love the robot! I look forward to seeing more.


4 03 2007

Looks great! One request though, would it be possible to have a non-based variety as well? Heck and while I’m asking how about a smaller variety too 🙂

4 03 2007

Hi Stu:

Sorry, but I already sculpted the base onto the robot, so you’ll have to get out the exacto saw if it bothers you too much. However, the base is pretty thin, especially near the edges. I’m fairly certain the base will fit on a 50mm GW round or a large Warmachine base with a little trimming. Just texture the rest of the base with kneadatite and you’re good to go.

As far as other robots, I have plans for man-sized robots with guns, smaller child sized robots with tentacles, and some small hover bots to swarm opponents.

Also, don’t forget the Robot Queen…..

4 03 2007

I’d also like to suggest that any future robots perhaps not have a base on them if possible. I’ll be cutting the base off as well

Very nice looking mini and I am looking forward to the rest of the miniatures.

20 03 2007

Pretty awesome stuff, looking forwards to seeing the other robots you described.

18 04 2007
Da Big Kahunna

So when can I buy these and from who?

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