New Pulp Logo Concepts

27 02 2007

I just received some logo concept art for my pulp sci-fi “Retro Raygun” range. The logos from a graphic designer named Leigh whom I met on The Miniatures Page (TMP). He is an avid Sci-Fi gamer and lives in the UK.

I really like all of his logo concepts, but haven’t settled on one yet. I’m really curious to see what you all have to say about them. Click on the thumbnails to view the full images:
retro-raygun-logo-1.jpg retro-raygun-logo-2.jpg   retro-raygun-logo-3.jpg

I like Logo #1 quite a bit—it captures the pulp flavor. Maybe the raygun should be a black silhouette and the lightning bolt should be a lighter color.

Logo #3 is also a strong contender. I feel the font on Logo #3 is very exciting and I really like the graphic raygun. The only problem is the size and position of the raygun. Maybe the raygun in #3 could be on an angle, reduced in size, and placed in an oval frame.

Logo #2 is my least favorite, but it is still strong–the logo looks like it could be a patch on the uniform of a ’50’s space cadet.

For the final color version, I think the most appropriate pulp colors are red, yellow, black and silver metallic.

All these logo concept images are very cool, but I’d love to hear some other opinions. Go ahead and post a comment or e-mail me at



5 responses

28 02 2007
Scott Francek

Hey Matt,

I like #1 the best with the arcing logo and the big lightning bolt. I think a lightning bolt is necessary. The others are nice, but #2 feels more “old west” sherriff’s badge-y to me. #3 is compensating for no bolt with an oversize raygun. 😛


28 02 2007

I also support #1. I don’t think the raygun or lightning bolt colours need to change, either. As it is, the text and the gun sit on top of the lightning bolt because they are lighter. If the gun was dark, it wouldn’t be at the same “distance” as the text and it might look confusing. If you made the text dark to go with it, you would lose the 3d / shadow effect. So I think it must stay as it is! It’s a very good logo.

28 02 2007
Phil Beauchamp

I also think that number one is the best contender. Only thing that I’d change is the thickness of the line outlining the gun. I’d keep it just an outline, but thicker.

Looking great.

3 03 2007
Grif Ingram

I like the lettering on #1, but the gun of #3 best – maybe the gun from #3, in the position the gun is in on #1, with the lettering having the colours of #3?
Grif Ingram

10 03 2007

#1 is the clear winner. The text is much easier to read being on two lines (#3 has a nice ray gun, but the text looks like all one word to me, and the coloring made it quite difficult to pick out). #2 is the weakest.

Also, a comment in another thread about your minis suggested adding a “badge” to their uniforms. I think that’s an excellent idea, and the tie-in could be the lightning bolt/circle from your logo (shown in #1)!

Just a thought.

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