Galacteers to the rescue!!

3 03 2007


Today I’ve decided to post photos of two more miniatures for the “Retro Raygun” range. These figures are based on some 1950’s space cadets toys I found at a garage sale. They represent two of the five main space patrolmen characters known as the Galacteers. The photo shows the “greens” for the main female heroine and the large, oafish second-in-command.

These figures are larger than the typical 28mm wargaming figure with the female space trooper standing 33mm tall and the large male trooper standing 39mm tall. However, these miniatures mix perfectly with the wonderful figures from Wargames Supply Dump’s “Dirk Garrison” range. In addition, my figures should mix well with an excellent new range of Pulp Sci-Fi figures from a new company called Killer B Games (no website at the time of this post.) Killer B is making a range of figures with a hero called Captain Gamma and his team will be fighting the Mecha Men. Although the concept sounds similar to mine, the robots are extremely different and very cool.

                              galacteer-2.jpg galacteer-grunt.jpg

These Galacteer sculpts are 90% finished but some minor areas need to be completed. I am still not very good at human faces, so I used pre-cast heads from Hasslefree Miniatures instead. These heads are “open source” and can be used commercially. I eventually intend to work on improving my face sculpting, but I wanted to focus my time on sculpting creatures, robots and other critters. In addition, the heavy raygun carried by the “brick” was created from metal conversion parts for O-scale model railroads. Did you recognize the brass train horns used for the muzzle of the raygun?

Future miniatures from the Galacteer range will include Capt. Ace McGuire, a yet to be named pot bellied scientist/tinkerer, and their space monkey companion Comet. I also plan to sculpt 3-5 Junior Galacteers to serve as rank and file “red shirts.” I’ll post photos as they near completion.



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3 03 2007
Grif Ingram

These are fantastic! I remember the range that you based them on – I had some, back in the 1960s, in 1/36th scale, and I recently got some larger versions from Glencoe – I believe they were originally from Archer Plastics. Are they going to have clear space helmets? A few ideas:
1) I’ll mention your blog on the “Solar Guard Message Board” for old space-opera enthusiasts – the guys there will love ’em!
2) If you feel like doing vehicles for the Galacteers (great name – sounds like something from an old DC sci-fi comic!) I still have the somewhat battered single-seat “Space Flyer” that came on a blister card, with these “Space Cadet” figures – I could get it photographed and e-mail it to you – it shouldn’t be too large in 30mm scale!

Glad you like the figures put out by my fellow Brit at Wargames Supply Dump – have you seen (also British-made; Huzzah!) “Captain Gamma”? If not, go to the “Pulp” section of the “Lead Adventure Forum”, where there’s some pix & ordering info – I can just see Ace McGuire, Captain Gamma, and Dick Garrison sinking a pint at the “Spaceman’s Arms”!
Grif Ingram

4 03 2007

Regarding Size and Scale:

My figures are similar is scale to Reaper Miniatures and the regular sized humans actually use the Reaper advanced sculpting armature (skeleton). Most Fantasy/sci-Fi figures are in the 32-33mm range–just go measure some in your collection. They are not a new scale like Graven Images 40mm.

The male trooper is larger because he is supposed to represent someone who is…umm…taller. I really like a range in which some figures are larger and some are smaller. In particular, I like Foundry’s Street Violence range with small, medium and larger figures. I feel it is more cinematic.

Now, will they mix with a batch of 1:56 BAM late war Germans? No…but they were never meant to. However, they do mix well with a variety of ranges and work ok with most 25/28mm scenery.


4 03 2007
Scott Francek

Hi Matt.

Again, very nice. This will be a fun team to paint and game with.

I am wondering if one photograph of the girl might be rotated a few degrees to the side. Just the angle makes me think her left look short even though I know it is just set behind. Sorry, but I might have to name her Wilma…

I am wondering if it might use some sort of small iconic badge or emblem. Sort of like the Trek swoosh. Not sure where it would go. Maybe a small lightning bolt medallion on the gauntlets or something.

This is exciting to watch.

4 03 2007

Good idea about the emblem. I was actually designing an icon for the team. I might have to sculpt one and make a squish mold so they all look similar. I’m thinking a stylized rocket orbiting a planet. it sounds cliche’ but it is pulp afterall……

24 04 2007

Great looking figures; although I’m not sure I understand 33mm. There is a huge presence in 25/28mm and 40/42mm seems to be an up and coming scale. If you decide to do Jules Verne style VSF in 40/42 I would be a huge customer!

Still all in all very nice work.


20 05 2007
Howard Fielding

Those Galacteers look simply fantastic! I’m looking forward to their release – please send me an email when they become available. Thanks, Howard

18 09 2007
Trevor Sproston

How may I order these?

Couldn’t get any response from your main site.

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