Retro Raygun: More Robot Goodness

10 03 2007


I’ve started a new robot sculpt for the “Retro Raygun” range. This sculpt is slightly larger than a human and would probably be 7 feet tall in real life. For this figure, I’m using classic ’50s robot proportions: long skinny limbs, large head and a bulky body. The robot is sculpted from a mixture of brown and green kneadatite. The armature (skeleton) is made from copper wire and the ball joints are hematite beads. When using organic rubber molds, all parts of the master model must be made from materials that can withstand 325 degrees F. However, you can use plastic and other materials in the newer vulcanizable silicone molds.


For this figure, I plan to have 2-3 poses. I also want to create two different heads and possibly two different rayguns.

Other News:

I recived quite a few e-mails wondering if I would be sculpting new poses for the herbivore (protosaur) spearman. Good News—last night I also started the herbivore spearman conversions. I’ll post photos of the protosaur conversion sculpts when finished.



2 responses

10 03 2007

Very Nice! Did you get the inspiration from those robots on the “Atomic Rockets” site? I’ll try to send you a “spindly robots on guard duty” pic that I have, that was published on an old “Galaxy” cover. Of course, what I’m waiting for is what Ace McGuire will look like…

10 03 2007

I’ve enjoyed the robot and space hero figures – well done.


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