General Updates from Hydra HQ

22 04 2007

I apologize for not updating my blog sooner, but sometime real life takes over for a while. Now I’m back with an update about what has been happening at Hydra HQ:

1) Robots: The large and medium robots are almost finished and ready to be sent to the moldmaker by the second week of March. I’ll start the two small robots I have planned.
2) Galacteers: Two team members are finished, but I still have to work on the other main characters. My good friend and talented sculptor Scott Francek is helping out on one of the Galacteers. The figure is bareheaded and is looking really good. I think his figure might eventually become our main hero, Ace McGuire. However, I’m not sure what weapons/equipment Ace should have. Since the Galacteers are based on late ’40s/early ’50s pulp Sci fi, I feel that a sword is out of the question–too Flash Gordon. Since westerns were really big in the ’50s, Ace could have two pistols. Another option would be to have Ace McGuire with one pistol and giving orders to his team mates via wrist communicator unit.

I’m going to be starting Comet the space chimp soon. He’ll be dressed in the same outfit and helmet as the other Galacteers, but I’m not sure if his feet should be covered with boots or gloves?  I’m thinking about giving Comet the chimp a wrench as an improvised weapon (get it, monkey wrench!). Finally, each of the Galacteers will have a jetpack. I’m thinking about giving Comet one, also.

I’d love to hear what you all think about equipment options for Ace and Comet.

3) Pulp Sci-Fi Creature: Although I love sculpting robots and other weirdness, creatures are my favorites. Over spring break I sculpted a new pulp creature that will be used for the second Retro Raygun episode, Ace McGuire: Peril on Planet P. This new creature was really fun to do and was one of the first sculpts that I didn’t keep cutting and re-sculpting parts. When it is finished, I’ll preview it here.

4) Website and Other Business: I have been busy taking care of the business side of Hydra Miniatures. I filed my official business papers and took care of some bank-related stuff. I am getting closer to getting a functional website built, complete with an online store. I plan to have a very clean and functional website and eventually hope to host other online content such as modelling articles, scenarios, and paper models/scenery.

In the next few days, I’ll post preview photos of figures and art for one of the races from my upcoming prehistoric fantasy game Primal Dawn.



One response

26 04 2007

The space chimp should, without question, have a jetpack. There are few things funnier or more awesome than a monkey with a jetpack. A wrench isn’t a bad idea either it seems fitting. In any case I don’t think the monkey should have a gun, deffinately something for bludgeoning. It might be funny to give him something that could be more powerful were he using it right, like maybe he could be holding a rifle like a club or something along those lines? Either way the wrench is solid.

As far as the hero is concerned your ideas sound good, don’t have much to suggest there

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