Official Launch Date: October 1st, 2007

18 09 2007

Many of you have been asking “When will you be open to take orders?”

I’m happy to report we are finishing the last molds of our initial releases this week.  Our new website is almost finished, but the links on the navigation bar are not yet active.   

The official launch date for the Hydra Miniatures website and store will be October 1st, 2007.  Our initial product releases will include:

Retro Raygun (32mm pulp sci-fi)
-Robot Legionnaires
-Ace McGuire, Galacteer hero
-Rocky Rizzo, Galacteer hero

Primal Dawn (32mm prehistoric fantasy)
-Vardu sprouts
-Ugg herbivore

In addition, we will be selling the “Fantastic Worlds” pulp sci-fi rules from Rattrap Productions.  We hope to offer a limited edition miniature for customers who purchase the FW rules from us.  Expect “Fantastic Worlds” to be released on November 1st, 2007.

Robot Legionnaire

Finally we have another teaser photo of one of our Robot Legionnaires submitted by  Golden Demon award winning painter Dave Pauwels.  We are pleased to welcome Dave to the Hydra team and look forward to seeing more painted samples and hobby articles  from the Master.

See you on October 1st.




One response

2 10 2007

Would love to see an article on how Dave was able to paint the Robot legionnaire. What colors/paints he used and so forth. The silver appears to have a greyish or blueish tent to it.

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