Hydraminiatures.com is finally open for business!

30 09 2007

After months of work, the Hydra Miniatures  online store is  finally open and ready for orders.  A common criticism of many miniature manufacturers is the lack of photographs on their websites. However, our online catalogue features full-color photos of every figure we produce. In addition, we have created downloadable PDF catalogue pages with full-size images of our products. If you are curious how the size of our figures compare to other manufacturers’ ranges, just download our catalgoue pages here and print them out at 100%.

Here are two teaser photographs from our ranges: Galacteers from our Retro Raygun pulp sci-fi range and Vardu Sprouts from our Primal Dawn prehistoric fantasy range.



Our business philosphy is simple: unique concepts, quality products, and outstanding service. We’re going to be the absolute best at what we do and we are certain your experience with Hydra Miniatures will keep you coming back for more.




5 responses

3 10 2007

Wow! I am really impressed! Your store is very exciting! I love how you have a download of the actual size of your minatures. Your figs are awesome. I wish you the best of luck. I know how many long, long hours you have spent on this dream. You are a gifted young man, and I have marveled at your creative genius since you were small child. I am proud to be your mother and friend. Good luck, my son, your world awaits you. Love, Mom

16 10 2007

I love these minis! Honestly I am blown away by the casting quality and clean crispness of these minis. I ordered the Robot Legionnaires (Pack of 5) and Ace McGuire and I am really impressed. The Robots have anice menacing Retro look and Ace is just THE hero. Best thing both minis are multipart kits with some customization options. Ace can be build with 3(!!!) left arm options: Helmet holding, 2nd pistol and sword.
All very good casted with virtually NO flash.
If the forthcoming releases are as good as these I will have to buy many more of these minis!

19 11 2007

Great stuff. The folks over on the Lead Adventures forum got me excited about the genre, but your minis are really a step above what I’ve seen to date.

25 01 2008
James Miller

I just purchased some of your figures and I’m most impressed with the detail and quality, not to mention the throwback theme to the days of my childhood. For newcomers to metal miniatures like myself, the posting of some tips on the painting and assembling of the figures would be most appreciated.

6 07 2014

Ah! I need me some triffids…those Vardu-Sprouts will do the trick nicely!

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