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22 08 2008

Hi Everyone:

I’ve been working hard to coordinate sculpting, playtesting and artwork for War Rocket, but I’m still busy sculpting new items for our Retro Raygun and Primal Dawn ranges. Here are a few photos:

Dr. Zahn, Galacteer science officer and Robot Legion Mini-Bot

Dr. Deiter Zahn is the extremely brilliant but very uncoordinated Galacteer science officer serving with Ace McGuire. He is a master inventor and will be equipped with an accessory sprue that features an experimental beam weapon, an energy field projector, and a pair of hands holding a raygun and a generic scanner.

The Mini-bots are child-sized labor robots created in the Robot Queen’s factories. Despite their small size, a swarm of mini-bots can overpower most foes. The mini-bots pack will contain at least two (possibly three) variant poses.

Vardu Warrior will feature two head variants

The Vardu warriors are the largest humanoid plants to be found in the primeval rainforests. They grow to a towering 12-15 feet tall and this model measures 2.75 inches (70mm) from the base to the tentacle holding the dried spiky plant club. The figure will be equipped with two heads: closed flower head (not shown) and open flower head. Expect more variants of the the Vardu warriors in the future as we expand our Primal Dawn range in 2009.

Our next release is scheduled for October 2008 and should include the following figures:

-Comet, Galacteer chimp sidekick

-Dr Deiter Zahn, Galacteer science officer

-Destroyer Warbot with dual pulse cannons

-Heavy support Robto Legionnaire with pulse cannon


-Vardu Warrior I

-plus a few surprises (hopefully!)

Finally, here are some more Primal Dawn teaser shots of a Rog Warrior and a Rog Noble on the workbench:

Rog Warrior (figure will include head, weapon and shield variants)

Rog Noble (figure will include head and weapon variants)




8 responses

22 08 2008
Ben Boersma

Matt, these look outstanding!
Great news on the Vardu, I will snap them up as soon as they are released. The Rog figures look fantastic as well. I may have to grab them too!
Nice work. 🙂

23 08 2008
David Drage

Wow, these are all great!

Zahn and the minibots are must haves, and the other robots sound like useful additions as well.

My main interest is in the Retro Raygun range, but I am starting to see a use for the Vardu as opponents to the Galacteers.

Also the Primal Dawn Dinos are excellent, they really are nice, I have no real use for them but I still want them.

Hydra Miniatures are about the only range of figures I am consistently buying at the moment!

Keep it up!

23 08 2008

The Mini-Bots look great! I’m going to buy some to use with my 15mm sci-fi stuff.

23 08 2008
Tim Mayer

Great work! Kip Kincaid rules!

25 08 2008
Justin Borges

Each new set of releases bring some wonderful new models to Hydra’s lines, and the upcoming releases keep true to form.

I personally began with just the Retro Raygun stuff, but the Primal Dawn figures look REALLY cool too. They’ll be perfect opponents for the Galacteers, or else I’ll find some use for them.

I’m quite impressed with everything I’ve received and seen so far. I shall continue to pick up these fantastic models.

Excellent work, Hydra!

26 08 2008
Tom Kiley

Great Stuff Matt,

I’m already updating the stat cards again.

3 02 2009

Great Work!
The Rog is fantastic 🙂


24 03 2009
J Womack


I simply must demand that you cease work on any of these frivolities until you have produced the Vardu warrior that I so desperately need.


J Womack

PS: Please! I’m foaming at the mouth here, after getting the first batch of sprouts painted up.

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