My name is Matt Beauchamp. I’m a 38-year-old male living in Warren, Michigan in the US. I work as a high school art teacher, with a specialization in ceramics and sculpture. For over 25 years, I’ve had a passion for collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures. Several years ago, I began sculpting my own miniatures and have done freelance sculpts for Alternative Armies, Fortress Figures, and Excelsior Entertainment. I am in the midst of creating unique miniatures for fantasy and sci-fi games—no orcs, dwarves, or body builders in power armor for me. It is my goal to launch my company–Hydra Miniatures– in October 2007. This blog will offer a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of a fledgling miniature company.

A corporate website is planned for the future.

You may contact Hydra Miniatures at artbeau@aol.com


7 responses

23 02 2007

This is very cool Matt keep up the great work !

24 02 2007
Dan Keelean

Good Job Matt keep up the good work.

25 02 2007
Vickie Rodgers

You have always had a great imagination. And you have really put that to work
in your art. I wish you the best. I am forwarding this to my grandson Justin because, he collects stuff like this – loves drawing and gaming. He is going to love it.


1 05 2007
Craig J. Brain


Wonderful miniatures! I love how the robots are progressing and can’t wait to see the finished range. The prehistoric plant creatures look terrific as well and I can’t wait to add them to my gaming collection.


9 06 2007
George J. O'Ravis

Check out the below site for inspiration!


12 08 2007
pj carney

the retro raygun minis are amazing! everyone thus far fits so well into that retro sci-fi universe. i can’t wait…best of luck with the launch in october. hopefully a game and supplements to follow??

21 08 2007

I love the Retro Raygun series. The idea, the logo, the style, the miniatures already done, really neat. I’d love to see what this can become, both in terms of more minis and an actual game to use them with. Would it be more adventure/RPG, general minis, what!?
I can totally see there being somekind of Retro Raygun/Battlestations! (the RPG-board game) cross-over.
Can’t wait to see more!

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